Wish: Ignore once button that actually ignores once.

When the antivirus catch a virus/trojan/false positiv and so on. You the choose to ignore once or permanently ignore.
Now most people would think that ignore once would mean that it would ignore it once.
But it just closes the window creates a new “virus found” window.
So now if you want to ignore once you have to permanently ignore it, then delete it from that list when done.

The most frustrating thing to me is not in that I have to click several times (at least 2) when I’m just browsing a directory with potentially infected file, but in that if I EXECUTE this file after short period of “ignore once” commands, comodo does not warn me AT ALL.
I may understand difficulties in reducing of several ignores amount because I had some experience in shell extensions development and know that several sometimes fuzzy events are happening among which it is difficult to choose on what to react. But no matter of that, I’m very wondered why such issue is marked as resolved in https://forums.comodo.com/empty-t34587.0.html while it is still present.
But absence of warning upon execution of potentially infected file does not fit to any understanding at all. Also, I could not see problem file neither in antivirus/scanner settings/exclusions, nor in Defense+/Trusted files lists. It appears however in Defense+/unrecognized files - what effect does this list provide on comodo processing logic?
Product version from about box - Internet Security PREMIUM, 5.0.163652.1142

P.S. Where is this “virus found” window - I cannot find it in comodo interface? And why if I’m doing copy/paste warning reappears? And why it does not reappear consistently (stops ? I’m really confused with overall behavior, can anybody of technicians explain background logic of this?