Wish - Generate a Report

Hello All!

I would like Comodo to create a generate a report button Somewhere in the ‘More’ section,
whether it be in about dialog. but somewhere…

and this report will contain CIS current configuration, and also location of CIS, and other Comodo Products Install, and list if other security software is installed,

Be in-depth. Every little thing about CIS; to auto verify if all components are working and if its updated or not etc etc.

why i think this would be a good idea?
a great tool for trouble shooting. i think
so a user that comes to the forum doesnt
have to do a lot of technical explaining
as well as posting screen shots etc…

More Details;
Have it list previous events within 3 days or so (when it tried to update, when a user open’d a dialgbox etc etc

So Yes no maybe so?


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Seems like a perfect thing to add to the diagnostics function.