Wish Feature For Comodo Firewall Only Installs

This is a small thing, but a huge annoyance to me. When a user selects FW only with no D+, then the GUI should reflect that setup, and only display the FW, and completely hide D+. I absolutely hate that it still shows D+ even though it is not active…Makes the product seem unprofessional. Unfinished. I know it can be done, because the AV is removed when it is not installed.

You guys have a great firewall, but your UI needs to step it up, and reflect the professionalism of the FW.


Greetings, citizen! :P0l
This is a constructive post you made and I approve this message.
I strongly advise you make a thread on Wishlist section of the forum where it would have more coverage.
+1000 internet respect points! :-TU

I had posted this wish few times in the wish list & CIS thread. But I guess our loving santaclause melih didn’t want to part his beloved D+ from FW & grant us this wish. Some love cannot be understood. This makes me belive true love still exists.



Why not make a pool and see how many people support this idea?