[Wish] Feature for allowing Programs on removable Drives

I would very appreciate a feature, where i can allow network access for
an exe residing on a removable drive or on a mounted crypted container (basically the same)

Actually comodo enters the rule when allowed in its policy but asks next time again, and adds a second
(same) rule again.

Would be cool to have this feature, cause i run many programs from crypted containers.

Thanks for all and you support

Objects on a removable drive are ALWAYS considered untrusted by CIS. CIS will never create a permanent rule for objects on a removable drive.

The thinking behind this is that the removable drive could have been used on a non-CIS protected PC and become compromised.

I really doubt that Comodo will change this behaviour and I really hope that they don’t.

Ewen :slight_smile:

However “removable Drive” will be defined - i DEFINITLY understand this for USB sticks.

But what about the main problem - mounted container drives, which were seen by system
as removable but are closer to normal drives than to usb sticks.

So if more and more people will move to tools like truecrypt, PGP disk, DriveCrypt this problem will come more and more often.

I installed for example all my instant messenger / chat / communication software on a crypted container
(what i personally find really a good idea, due to logs and many other settings communication creates)

So i dont think this feature is so far from reality to be needed.

Its ok when you dont need it, but if I for myself would have a choice i would really apreciate it
not have to click “yes its ok” every time i start a program from my crypted container…

Defining an exception list to an exe on such a drive, maybe with an additional SHA1 hash would be cool


I understand and agree with you bigmic. For crypted containers this CIS behavior is a problem, but I also understand panic! I guess COMODO could add this option disable and give the user an option to activate it.

As suggestion, for a virtual disk, could the firewall check whether the driver name in the format “[software]/ [service]” and the virtual disk file located on a fixed disk or not? ~

Please, make such option. I need it very much!!!
I have many programs installed on encrypted drive (Opera, Thunderbird, Miranda, Webmoney-client and many others). And I really suffer without this option.

P.S. Many thanks to creators of Comodo Firewall - I love it