Wirus GPCode - asking for 300USD

Frend of my ,his komputer is dead ,no way to even boot in any way.
Any ideas >:(

http://www.wklej.org/id/896570/ OTL
http://www.wklej.org/id/896572/ Extras

Try running the Kaspersky boot cd and see if it can clean enough so the computer can boot again.

Then please follow the advice I give in this article and let me know how it goes.


did u try CCE boot usb?

Yes we did but nothing work :-\

The CCE boot dosnt want start :-\

USB conected and the laptop restart all the time

Ok we start now -will let you know :slight_smile:

Try HitmanPro’s new ‘Kickstart’ feature, specially designed for removing ransom-ware.


Kaspersky just finish -noting change :-\

windows start booting and hang on -frosen -

Ugly the virus :-\

That seems to be a nasty new variation your friend caught.

Try hooking up his hard drive to your computer and run several scanners to check your friend’s hard drive (or system partition in case it is a multi partition system).

Or try running other vendor’s rescue disks like from Avira or Dr Web.

Have any of the scanners been able to detect anything on the computer?

The reason I ask is that it’s possible that the malware has been removed but the computer still has not been fixed. I would like to know whether you believe there is still malware on the computer and whether any of it has been detected and removed.


Thanks for reaply :slight_smile:
The main problem is ,that any soft we use ,from CCE to Hitman Pro.kickstart dosnt start.
Its look like this - USB conected Hitman Pro start ,you see windows starting and komputer start to restart many times- the longest period was about 40 minuts :-\

Its realy a nasty one - the last one laptop of a frend of my we fixed with CCE ,but now is dead point realy.

We ben fighting wit the -evil- till 4 am in the morning ,using any soft we can find online :-\

Please try using Sardu, as described in this section of my article. It will allow you to make a single bootable disk with multiple antiviruses. Hopefully one of them will be able to detect and remove the infection.

Thanks will try and let You know :slight_smile:

Please also check the infected hard drive while it is hooked up to another computer.

DrWeb has a usb version that has do the work for me 100% of the times.