Wireless USB Adapter

Was wondering if anyone here could suggest a good Wireless Adapter Preferably USB adapter That gets a good range. Would like to find one that gets somewhere near 300 feet. Thanks for your time :smiley:

Not sure about many USB adapters, I use a Linksys Wireless G 2.4GHz Wireless USB network adapter and it works fine, always have good signal for my desktop.

Will this be for a desktop or a notebook?

This will be for a Desktop. Kinda lookin for something with a good range rather then speed or anything else. :slight_smile:

I’ve just got an Edimax from Scan but haven’t yet tried it.
If you want good range you need Wireless N, not G.

I also bought a Lynksys Wireless ADSL Router (includes modem) and PCI adapter card. It’s all for my neighbour and I know v. little (yet!) about the subject.


I’ve been looking about wireless N mostly the Linksys Wireless N adapter and linksys says it only gets 100-150 foot range.

I don’t think the Wireless N technology gets the range wireless G does at the moment, although it is much faster.