Wireless Security Camera or Home Network Vulnerability?

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So recently purchased three modestly priced security cameras that run off the 2.4 band of my home network.

Noticed something odd in the firewall event log the other day under ‘firewall events.’

For some reason I am seeing activity in my laptop’s comodo firewall event log from the IP addresses assigned to the 3 security cameras every time the laptop is turned on. Each IP appears to be blocked by comodo every 2 minutes or so.

Important to note, I do NOT use said laptop to access the cameras, nor do I have any related software installed.

Am I being paranoid? Or are have these cameras created a gaping vulnerability in my home network?

Thanks for reading

See here on ARP setting: Firewall & ARP. It is nothing to worry about. I have 6 of these on one system, which record those entries on startup

Do secure the Cameras with none-default passwords of course, if you haven’t done so already :slight_smile:

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