Wireless - Repair connection stops at Clear DNS Cache

For some reason when I try and repair my wireless connection it stops at Clear DNS Cache. That’s the least of the problems though. My wireless keeps disconnecting itself every 10 mins or so and I have to do the repair to get it back on again. I’ve set the rules that Ewen’s Flash tutorial thing tells you to do. What’s going on… Plus, I keep getting infected with InfoStealer Trojan.


You will find the answer here

Is"Security->Advanced->Monitor DNS Requests" option enabled? Can you try to disable the following, restart your PC and retry?

  • Secure against trojan protocol(Requires restart)
  • Secure the host while booting
  • Monitor DNS Requests


PandLouk’s reply pointed me in the right direction. At least now that I have my Network Monitor set up right, it seems to have stopped the disconnection.

Not overly stressed about the DNS Cache thing but I’ll give your suggestion a go… Thanks for everyone’s help!

In the end I did have to turn off “monitor DNS requests” but it’s all working fine now.