Wireless Problems surfaced again. (Newest version(

HI! everyone, welcome to my problem.

I have just downloaded CPF (Newest version) onto my computer and it works like a dream. But my old wireless problem has resurfaced. Unless the firewall is on ‘Allow All’ , I am unable to acquire my IP address. I believe that this has to do with the ‘Monitor DNS queries’ and the ‘ICMP’ protocol. I have unchecked the ‘monitor DNS queries’ and as for the ICMP protocol, since it was added by default, I didn’t touch it. Still, my wireless doesn’t work. Any ideas???

Also, (from my understanding) CPF blocks attacks like port scan and hacking attempts, it is also supposed to be able to scan incoming files for viruses and spyware right? If this is the case, is it still possible for me to get a virus from files downloaded from the internet, or just surfing the internet alone?

Oh btw, my configuration for component monitor is set to ‘learn’ and ‘on’ for the rest. Thanks for the help in advance. (B) (L) (R)

Firstly, check and ensure Windows Firewall is turned off.
Secondly, Goto Security>>>Tasks and at the bottom Define Network As Trusted. This will enable your computer and router to talk to each other.
Thirdly, have you installed the windows Wireless Update to support upto WPA2? Go here: Microsoft Support
Fourthly, have you checked for updates for your Wireless Adapter? Mines an Intel one and I was shocked by searching the internet to find that there was an update! Windows update obviously doesn’t check much for hardware driver updates!
Fifthly, have you set up your router correctly? Check it’s settings.
Lastly, I’m not sure about scanning incoming files for viruses as CPF is not an Antivirus though they do have their own Free Antivirus which has a new version coming out on the 18th of September.

Hope I’ve helped you out…


On CPF’s main page, does CPF recognise your wireless adapter?
If there’s a valid info to your wireless adapter, then all you have to do is creating an additional rules from the “Security” tab, and add your wireless adapter to the “Trusted Network”.

yep, it was windows firewall. thanks everyone! (:CLP)

CPF rocks all the way!!!********