Wireless Problem

Hi all!

I hope you can help. I run XP Pro with CPF as my firewall. I have a built in Intel 2200BG Wireless adapter and am connected to my Zyxel P660HW T2 Wireless Gateway.

For some reason when my computer goes to sleep or I repair the internet connection windows shows the little wireless Window stating: Connected to: ***** (Unsecured) and it seems to nearly always be the case even though I am using WPA-PSK TKIP.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


The most likely cause is that you are accidentally connecting to the wrong network by default, please do a scan of availible networks. The chances are you will see yours (Secured) and another one that you were accidentally connecting to.

What wireless driver and software are you using to connect, windows or the one that came with your wireless card? (Need to know so I can lookup how to set the default network to connect to).

HI Rotty… Thanks for your reply. I’m using the network card that came with my laptop. Intel 2200BG.


Yes I know what network card you are using. What I was asking is what driver/software are you using to communicate with the network card.

Windows XP sp2 with latest patches has a generic wireless driver and basic user interface(software) with basic features that supports WEP,WPA,WPA2 which can be used with most network cards (I think I used the windows one when I setup a wireless network for someone with your exact model of network card). You can also use the one that came with your network card from your network card manufacturer.

Which one are you using, either way there is a spot to tell the card that it should always connect to a selected network and never try anything else even if it cannot connect to the desired network.

My apologies for misunderstanding your question. I’m using Windows XP Pro SP 2 fully updated to manage my wireless card. I did try using Intel Pro Software to manage it though the signal strength kept varying.

While were here, I’m also using antivir PE Premium and spywareterminator (still looking for a better free one) and I use CBOClean.

I’ve tried the latest CPF Beta but Defense+ doesn’t work with my machine. Had to boot into safe mode just to log on.


Did you run the scan to see what is happening, you should be able to see your router’s SSID and another router’s SSID that your card was accidentally connecting to. Select your router to connect to and there should be some advanced option that tells it to always connect to the router you selected.

Follow this(And make sure you tell it to ONLY connect to that SSID ALL the time, no exceptions):

"What Are Preferred Networks?
In the Wireless Networks tab, you can build a set of so-called “Preferred” networks when automatic wireless configuration is active. This list represents a set of known Wi-Fi routers or access points you wish to automatically connect to in future. You can “Add” new networks to this list by specifying the network name (SSID) and appropriate security settings of each.

The order Preferred networks are listed here determines the order that Windows XP will automatically attempt when seeking to make a wireless / Internet connection. You can set this order to your preference, with the limitation that all infrastructure mode networks must appear ahead of all ad hoc mode networks in the Preferred list. "

FROM: Automatic Wireless Network Connections in Windows XP

Firstly, what scan do you mean.

See the attached list of wireless networks in range and my set “perferred wireless network”

[attachment deleted by admin]

Well that should work fine, it should only be able to connect to the network that you put in that preferred list. Click on “Properties” for the first screen shot and make sure that anything that hints to only connect to this one and this one only, it ticked.

I can’t see how it could be connecting to anything else, unless I am missing something.

Thanks for your help Rotty. I managed to resolve this issue by rolling back my INtel 2200BG wireless driver from teh 04/04/07 version to the February one. I guess the april driver must be buggy or something. Anyway, seems to be alright so far. fingers crossed!

Scratch that… Wireless problem is still happening. I’ll search the net for an answer. Maybe it’s the router.

I hope you are able to solve the problem …