Wireless (partially) blocked?

I just installed Comodo with the express setup, everything set up, rebooted, and internet worked. Then I removed the PCMCIA network card from the laptop and tried the internal wireless and Comodo doesn’t let anything work. No internet at all. It gets the same IP (range), same parameters, etc, no changes

The trusted zone is set to the correct parameters since it obviously works with the PCMCIA card. I cannot add another trusted zone for the internal card since it doesn’t show up in the new trusted zones wizard. What’s up with this?

Any change COMODO asked me I’ve said ‘allow’ so it should work, no? Also strangely, going to another machine on the network by NETBIOS name (eg \arrakis) doesn’t works, it just gets blocked, not even asked :(. I don’t know if I am this stupid to not know how to work with this program or is it really this beta? I am using the latest 2.4 version.