Wireless not working after resuming from standby

I wonder if others have the same pb:
since I installed CPF v3 (latest), my wireless connection is (not always) often stalled in local access mode (does not show the tiny globe in the wireless tray icon) and I am unable to access the Internet.
The only way is to disable the adapter and re-enable it, this usually fixes it (the old “repair” command in XP not avail. in Vista :frowning: )

Of course without CPF, reconnection is ok. The other thing is that sometimes it reconnects fine, sometimes not! so what in CPF would prevent this reconnection?
(using custom policy and train with safe mode, everything that needs to be authorized IS authorized)
It looks more like a glitch than a config issue but happy to evaluate any suggestions!

thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

Works fine for me with Vista sleep, haven’t seen other complaints about it-what OS do you have? What kind of a wireless adapter are you using? Do you see any blocked messages between your router to your adapter, or are they on a trusted network? If you don’t have a “block and log” at the end of your rules for things like system, windows operating system, other system stuff need to add that or the logging so we can see if anything being blocked.

Using Vista, Intel AGN on a Dell Inspiron 6400, no specific rule but I will add one
— edit —
any guidance here would be appreciated to speedup the process 88) thanks
should I setup something on svchost.exe?
how do you monitor somehing that might be blocked without knowing what it is?
Is there a default setting to show/log what’s blocked?

The thing is that sometimes reconnection is ok but sometimes not!!

I attached my system firewall rules so you can see what I am using. Could involve the age of your DNS cache or be completely unrelated. But I don’t have any problems using a USB NIC and public wifi.

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ok thanks, I will try this and get back here