Wireless Networking IP Address change [Resolved]

I am using a wireless router for my network connection between my notebook and workstation. Had a problem today with my workstation which was resolved. Once my problem was fixed my notebook has a new IP address. I use the workstation to print etc but I’ve been unable to change the IP address for my notebook on the workstation? The name of notebook is ELLINGWOOD_PC. Is there away to change the IP address???



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Is you workstation acting as a DHCP server. that is, allocating IP addresses to you laptop?

Hi, if you can’t edit your zone to the new ip can you not delete it and create a new zone for the new ip?

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The wireless router obtains the IP address from my local DSL provider. I tried deleting the entry for allowing my notebook into the workstation. But when I add a new entry for ELLINGWOOD-PC it uses the “old” IP address? I suspect one option is to change the notebooks computer name?


The name of the computer is unrelated to the IP address. The computernames are there to help you identify the various computers on the network more easily, and to help you remember who has what computer. So changing the computername doesn’t alter the IP address.

You can try this in a DOS box: ipconfig /release and then: ipconfig /renew. But I suspect that this isn’t what you’re after. To clarify, here’s a few questions:

  • Are you getting the IP addresses from the Wireless router or is something else acting as DHCP server?
  • Can you use static IP addresses?
  • Are you using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing)?
  • Are you using a shared printer connected to one of your PC’s, eg. the Workstation?
  • Do you use Access Lists (firewall rules) on your Wireless router? This isn’t really necessary, if your router also has a switch/HUB.

Hope this helps troubleshooting :slight_smile:

I am not using ICS on the workstation. All connections are made through the router out to my provider. A static IP address is not available. To make along story short, yesterday my workstation pick up an invalid IP address when I booted up in the morning. After 2 hours I was able to get it back to normal. My notebook had an IP address of It’s new address is

I only use the workstation to print and copy files to one of its hd’s. Unfortunately when I delete authorization for my notebook and try to add it to Comodo on the workstation, it has the “old” ip address.

Hope this helps…Clyde

You might try ipconfig /flushdns and ipconfig /registerdns That will reset your DNS entries.

It seems the old address is still in DNS somehow.


I resolved my problem…Thanks for all the help

Clyde (R)