Wireless Network Connection & DNS Cache Issues

Okay, I recently installed Comodo and have noticed two issues that I believe are being caused by it.

The first is that every so often, I will lose my connection with my wireless network. I can quickly get connected again by repairing the connection, however, when doing so, it brings me to the second issue, it’s unable to clear the DNS cache.

I’ve seen several other people with the wireless network issue and one of the posts suggested I setup a static IP address. I did that and it had absolutely no affect on the situation. The connection will still drop. It’s a rather annoying problem that hopefully somebody can help me out with.

As for the DNS cache issue, I searched and saw several solutions that seemed extremely easy to do. However when I tried to go about that, I noticed that they were obviously written for a previous version of Comodo, as I have none of the tabs or options they want you to modify. Again, hopefully somebody can help me out with some updated solutions on this problem as well.


I dont know the answer but my laptop has a similar issue with a wireless router yet the router is properly configured, it seems to happen mostly when I switch user accounts

What OS and Comodo Firewall version are you using? What kind of router and firmware? Have you rebooted the router?

netgear DG834G latest firmware

Windows XP Pro with SP2 and Comodo and yes I’ve rebooted the router with no success.

Have you looked at your Comodo Activity Logs? Do you see any error msgs with your router’s or pc’s IP addresses in them?

After tweaking my WiFi router the other day I kept dropping 'net access and needed to periodically ipconfig /Release & /Renew and even a reboot or two. The Log pointed me to the network config changes I needed to make.


There’s absolutely no errors in the log.

??? Is logging an option not enabled in V3.0??

Maybe not in the sense you’re use to. The only log I have is if something triggered the firewall.