Wireless LAN blocked by Firewall

I have just installed Comodo onto my 4 networked PC’s and my Wireless Laptop.
All work’s ok Except the Laptop, the Firewall is blocking the wireless connection the only way to get a connection is to disable the firewall.
Can anyone advise me of a solution please, the guides are not in plain English and are not for the beginner so I have given up trying to understand them…

Once you disable the Firewall then get a connection are you then able after turning the firewall back on able to use the net? Are there any entries in “View Firewall Events”?
If so it sounds like it could be a DHCP problem.

Have a read of this post https://forums.comodo.com/firewall_help/dhcp_again-t40294.0.html specifically Quill`s and create an svchost.exe rule in application rules. You may also need a global rule but that depends.