Wireless internet slow down

When running Speedtest.net from my wireless laptop there is a dramatic difference in the results with Comodo turned on and off. Why is the download speed so much slower with Comodo turned on? Is there a way to fix this?

Both vers 2 and 3 display the same results.
I have WinXP Sp2 and am on AT&T (SBC Yahoo) DSL.
I have a 2Wire modem/router 2701HG-B.
4146 Download with Comodo off
612 Upload with Comodo off
811 Download with Comodo on
597 Upload with Comodo on

What browser are you running speedtest from? Are you using the network rules for web browser? Does anything show up in the log? I don’t have a slowdown using Comodo with Vista, but a suggestion would be to go to Broadband Tweaks forum | DSLReports, ISP Information and do a tweaks test to see what seems to be different with Comodo off and then turned on.

Be sure your using the latest version of Comodo. 329.


In FirewallAdvancedAttack Detection SettingsMiscellaneous, what options do you have checked?
If you have Block Fragmented IP Datagrams checked, that might be the reason for your slow Internet connection.
Anyways, CFP 3 doesn’t slow down your connection. I get 9,8 Mbit/s up (outgoing) and 8,8 Mbit/s down (incoming) with CFP 3 enabled, and I also use a router.