wireless device is disabled after installing comodo personal firewall

I am a new user of Comodo personal firewall. After installing firewall on my HP laptop, the broadcom 802.11 b/g WLAN device is disabled and i can’t get it back enabled. Please help! May be i missed some configuration part to enable this, I had chosen automatic configuration while installing. I can’t find enough help on this, i wonder if someone had a similar issue like this and could share some thoughts. Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Try uninstalling CFP and see if that enables the Wi-Fi connection again.
I had a similar incident which caused my Outlook application to be terminated for unknown reasons. It seemes that CFP would prevent it from ever being starting. As soon as it detected the execute, CFP would shut down the process(es). You might have an application controlling the Wi-Fi thats getting the same treatment, thus disabling it.
I reinstalled and everything worked fine again.

Give it a try and report back here of your findings :slight_smile:

And oh, Merry Christmas btw!

First time this happened, i uninstalled CFP and then i had to re-install the driver and re-start the laptop. Now after i installed CFP i have the same situation again. I tried couple of times but didn’t help. Any other thoughts?

Hey, thanks for the reply and merry christmas!

Hmm… can’t say I have any other suggestions at the moment.
I’m unsure if it’s something controlling your Wireless NIC that gets shut down by CFP. Or if it’s something hooking onto the driver thats being treated this way.
Either way, did you go over the logs? What version of the firewall are you using?