Wireless Connection

I have Comodo DNS on my main system & also on the Router. My family members use this connection wirelessly on their system. Do I need to add Comodo DNS on their systems too to be able to connect to net? Coz if I add Comodo DNS on their system the net works but if I dont add Comodo DNS on their system the wireless on their system says connected but the net dont work.


if you have added the pip addresses in the route then you won’t need to add any other ip addresses.

Does your router act as a DNS server?

What is pip & what route?

I dont get it

Are you sure your router is configured to act as a DNS server. What’s the make and model?

I think Valentin meant ip and router.

Yes on the router I have unticked the automatic from isp & ticked use this dns where I have entered comodo dns. Its Belkin G Wireless router

If the router is working correctly, you don’t need to add static DNS entries to each PC. When you run an ipconfig /all for a PC on the LAN what does it show for the DNS server(s)?

It shows comodo dns servers.

My isp has DHCP disabled. On belkin router there is DHCP which is enabled. Is this of any info?

It mentions - The DHCP server function makes setting up a network very easy by assigning IP addresses to each computer on the network. The DHCP Server can be turned off if necessary. Turning off the DHCP server will require you to manually set a Static IP address in each computer on your network. The IP pool is the range of IP addresses set aside for dynamic assignment to the computers on your network. The default is 2-100 (99 computers) if you want to change this number, you can by entering a new starting and ending IP address and clicking on “Apply Changes”.

I am continuing on other post regarding this prob so plzz dont reply here.