Wireless Connection Question

Any ideas why I’m getting the attached?

Network Card: Intel 2200BG
Wireless Gateway: Zyxel P660HWP T2


[attachment deleted by admin]

I think it is bug in balloon (unsecured), I use WPA2 authentication, and always have that (unsecured) text, after reconnection, you?

The same, must be some sort of bug then… thanks…

MS added support for WPA2 “recently” (2005 I think) but it seems they forget to update notification for WPA2 in that balloon…

I do not think windows xp sp2 has wpa2… wpa2 support is buld in in windows vista, but will also be in windows xp, when service pack 3 is installed…

WindowsXP-KB893357-v2-x86-ENU.exe (4/29/2005)

I had installed WPA2 Provisioning years ago and have SP3 now installed. It’s more than likely just an odd bug. I did try using static IP addresses and although I entered all the information I had costant connection drops.


yes you are right! I was wrong…