Wireless Access

Does CPF offer protection for wireless access? We just had a program on TV regarding attacks on wireless access and I was thinking of goiung that way but now I’m not so sure. Can you help with this.

Hey shadha,

CPF will monitor connections and traffic flow on the wireless interface the same way it does on a standard wired interface. I’ve got a laptop running a wifi connection, protected by CPF and haven’t had a blink of problem. CPF can’t monitor the device you are connecting to wirelessly, but that’s not it’s job. :wink: As long as you’ve taken the standard measures of locking down your access point, you should be OK.

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Thanks Ewen. Im a little short on knowledge when it comes to WA so I need to know a little more about what you said eg “As long as you’ve taken the standard measures of locking down your access point”. Can you help with a short explanation.

At the most basic level, there are four things that you should set up on a wireless router.

  1. CHANGE THE ADMIN PASSWORD - before anything else.
  2. Turn off “Broadcast SSID”
  3. If your router supports it, enter the MAC addresses of any wireless NICs you intend to use in the MAC filtering section ofthe routers config.
  4. Set up security on connection - WPA, WEP etc.

That about covers it.

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If your router has the option, use WPA-PSK (Wireless Protected Access - Pre-Shared Key) It offers the best wireless protection.

There is more on protecting your wi-fi access here:


Be careful how much attention you pay to Channel 7 , 9 10 news LOL

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I saw that newscast too, rotty. While what they said was true, that it is easy to hook unprotected wifi networks, they omitted to say how easy it is to secure them. Worhy of “Not the Nine O’Clock News” or CNNNN. LOL

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