WireHelpSvc FP (esl wire)

Hi, WireHelpSvc is a service used by esl wire, an anticheat. http://www.esl.eu/fr/wire/
Autoruns detects it as CAMAS.suspicious. It’s not detected by CIS.

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So what’s the point in posting this?
We are talking about AV FPs here…

So where can it be submitted ?

Submit Applications Here To Be Whitelisted - 2012

Ok… I submitted it a long time ago.
But thanks.

Hello spywar,

You can submit the detected file as False Positive using the following link and we will check it:

Best regards,

I’ve already submitted it here but they said that the file was not detected by CAV (it’s normal ;D) I’ve just submitted "esl wireé to be whitelisted.