WinXP x64 edition bsods CIS


I’ve run Comodo on XP 32 bit for a long time without problems, what a great product. Now I’ve installed XP x64 Edition and I’ve got bsods, but at seemingly random occasions. Now since I’ve got a nforce4 chipset and that does cause problems, especially the onboard NAM/firewall, I removed the latter, so only the basic sound/network drivers remained. Still bsods and all related to some parts of the network driver stack. Now I read somewhere that Comodo CIS (they thought the firewall on that forum) could cause this on x64, so I removed CIS, and no bsods since.

However I cannot continue without protection so I would like to help in fixing this bug so I can return to CIS. Here are the details:

* AMD Athlon64 3000+ (64 bit)
* Windows XP Professional x64 Edition SP2 (other sp nrs than normal 32 bit xp's)
* Random bsods when using apps that use internet

BSOD info: Error code 00000000000000d1, parameter1 0000000000000000, parameter2 0000000000000002, parameter3 0000000000000008, parameter4 0000000000000000.

I run as an admin.

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I forgot to mention that the bsod always was driver_irql_not_less_or_equal. When analyzing the minidumps, it was always related to ndis.sys or another part of the network driver, but as I said before upon removing CIS the bsods went away. I suspect it has to do with the miniport driver which is installed (I noticed because XP x64 warned me of a non-approved driver being installed.

I will now slowly begin re-installing CIS (first only antivirus and then adding) so that I hopefully find the culprit. Is this an acknowledged bug or is someone looking into it, or had something similar (this is different then the other bsod thread, because thats on 32 bit XP and CIS worked fine there at my pc.

Another update one my problem solving:

When I installed CIS antivirus only (back then CIS v3.5 latest version), I got no BSODs at all.

After a week or two, CIS 3.8 came out and I installed it with antivirus + firewall, and got a BSOD within a few hours. After I removed the firewall part, no BSODs at all.

Since I know nVidia drivers can be buggy, I removed the nVidia ethernet driver and I inserted a standard Realtek network PCI card into my pc. Since there are billions of those cards, the drivers for these cards is very stable, so any BSOD could not be caused by CIS accessing a buggy feature of the network card.
So I plugged in my network cable to this new and only working ethernet port, re-installed CIS 3.8 (latest version by now), and got a BSOD after a few hours.

Removed the firewall a few days ago, and while running only antivirus, I had no BSOD at all. So this seems to really by an issue with CIS firewall (maybe in combo with XP x64), but I guess it is not at all an issue of faulty hardware drivers. Instead I guess the CIS firewall driver is the culprit.

Will anyone look into this? The BSODs I mention are still the same as in my opening posts.

We have fixed an issue that might be related to this in build 477. Pls try build 477.


Hey missed that one, thanx. I will try that one and post the results.

Allright, that did it. Not a single BSOD while I would with previous versions had a couple by now. Great work!

EDIT: Another week later and still no BSODs. Consider this bug fixed guys, great!