WinXP SP2 seems to hang several minutes after boot or startup..

Recently I instaled Comodo Firewall in two PCs (Core Duo) with WinXP Professional + SP2.
Both PCs did work well two or three days before I instaled Comodo.
After the instalation and after the next boot, the PC (after login) needs several minutes to can work normally.
It seems be hang… everything is slow… very very slow…
After some minutes, it runs normaly and well.

I have Microsoft Defender and McAfee VirusScan instaled too.
I detected that “VirusScan OnAccess” examine more than 2000 files after login…
So, there is some activity, great activity… but from who? Comodo? Defender?..

It seems that the firewall is examining something in that files, and of course “VirusScan OnAccess Scan Statistics” is registering and examining all this activity?..
Can be something in the “Defense+”?..

Can anybody help me?

Best regards,

Pedro M H

Last version is
You must update your version of CFW

OK! Thank You very much.
I will try today…

Best regards,
Pedro Henriques