WinXP Pro : Destination IP changed since installing SP3


I have a question. I am using Comodo IS on a Windows XP Pro Guest machine running in Virtualbox on a Linux Host.

I have a requirement to disable all internet access on the Host machine except for access to one website, which runs on the Host machine. I am using the Comodo Firewall to do this. Previously I created a rule disabling all internet access except to (host), however since upgrading to Win XP SP3 and installing the 48 or so M/S security patches when a connection is made to the Host machine the destination address is now always coming up as instead of I can create a new rule, but if I add an exception for it will allow ALL internet sites, as all internet access seems to be routed via There seem to have been a behavioural change in Windows with these updates. I realise that this may not be Comodo issue, but has anyone else experience a similar problem and know of a solution?

If I could isolate the M/S KB that’s causing this I could just uninstall it or else maybe there’s a workaround in Comodo?



In case anyone was wondering, this was actually caused by Avast Anti-Virus.

I uninstalled every Windows KB update one-by-one and when it wasn’t that uninstalled Avast. I reinstated AVG Free and the behaviour is gone. I really don’t know why an Anti-Virus starts doing Firewall related stuff. I was not expecting Avast to interfere with my web requests.

solved now!