Winword/Printer problem

Greetings and thanks for any help. I had massive problems with ZoneAlarm - basically I was knocked offline for 3 months and finally found the problem but decided to switch.

I just installed Comodo and so far so good except for printing. When I would go to print a document (MS Office Word 2003 - using XP) I would get a notice that Winword was trying to do something (sorry I forget the wording) and I denied access because I thought it was trying to access internet.

When I had ZoneAlarm I noticed winword would try to access the internet. Well, I always denied access because there is no reason why winword needs to access the internet when I print a document and I never had a problem.

So I thought i was doing the same thing here. However now my printer is knocked out when printing word documents. It will print in notepad and wordpad but not word. I tested both after I began having problems and I allowed what access it was asking for and they are working fine. I know the problem is something to do with the firewall but I cannot seem to remedy it. The message when I try to print is there is a problem with the printer setup.

Here’s what I tried so far: reinstalling my printer software. Making sure my printer is listed as the default printer. Rebooting, looking through Comodo’s defense+ settings to find possible access denied settings to change them.

I do not have any other firewall, I uninstalled and deleted ZoneAlarm before installing Comodo. Since this only happens on word docs and not on wordpad or notepad, I know my printer is working properly, hooked up, ect. Since I only denied access to word docs, I know it is related to something Comodo did when I denied access.

The word doc can’t recognize my printer though, I can tell you that , though all settings are in order. Use XP with regular virus scans.

I’m a noob, but this is what I’d try first to solve the problem:

Firstly, in word I would reinstall the printer drivers, just in case.
start menu → printers and…

Then I’d delete all entries in ‘network security policy’ to do with
word, office, or printer spoolers (eg. spoolsv.exe)

Then I’d put comodo firewall into ‘training mode’ and try to print.
It should allow and learn all communication during that period,
without blocking. After a successful print, I’d put it back into
‘safe mode’.

Thank you Anti, for your help.

I did all that and it did not work. So I had to finally delete Comodo firewall completely. My printer problem solved after I uninstalled and deleted.

Now I have downloaded Comodo to try to reinstall and I get an error message error 0, running command. It acts like it is installing when I click on it but always comes up with this problem.

I have deleted it now and redownloaded it three times always getting the same message:

error 0 running command.

Thanks for help.

Hi kcfalcon,

Make sure you are downloading the correct version for your operating system.The website can be a bit confusing.

Here`s the 32 bit one(18.6MB)

and the 64 bit(32.3MB)

An error 0 looks like it`s something to do with MSI Installer