winupdate high application traffic and a.bat trojan

my computer has an a.bat or zachast.reg trojan which my antivirus cant remove.
all seems to be working well however since the antivirus seems to be blocking it from executing.
i have noticed however that winupdate has a high application traffic when i view the summary screen. i have read that a.bat uses this path (winupdate) to access the internet. i am also not getting any update notices despite the fact that winupdate traffic is high.
what do you think i should do?

Follow instructions to disable System Restore as illustrated on this site and then run a complete antivirus scan again.
AV applications can’t access the Windows _Restore folder and therefore it can’t delete the infected files which are in that folder. By purging all your system restore points, it will delete the infected files in the process. But as a precaution, run your AV program again to complete the process.
Here are details of what a.bat does and how you managed to get it on your system:

thanks for the speedy reply
i already ave system restore turned off.
actually i already read the mcafee post on a.bat.
what i have however is the zapchast.reg trojan which i think masquarades as a.bat worm.
mcafee is not able to remove this trojan even with updated dat files.
do u think i should block winupdate to render the trojan useless?

Here’s Microsoft’s view on the subject. Windows Defender will be incorporated into the forthcoming SP3 for XP, so you may as well install it now. Download from here