Under Advanced Wizard there is a Format Tab with the Options, default 32 LBA, 16 LBA, 16 CHS & 32 CHS.

If I create a XP setup with default 32 LBA & another XP setup with 16 LBA, what is the difference between both 32 & 16 lba?

And does selecting the format options 32 lba, 16 lba, etc affect the created XP setup anyway or the XP setup created will be the same irrespective of the chosen format options?

May be this article helps to shine a light on this: .

How big is the HD you want to format?

I am talking of USB XP Setup. WinToFlash is to create XP setup on USB so that if the CD drive is not working you can install XP on the system with USB XP setup created with WinToFlash.

For creating USB XP Setup, under advanced wizard there is a format tab with options 16 CHS, 32 CHS, 16 LBA & 32 LBA being the default. I think the wizard formats the USB first with the format options selected before creating setup.

So I was thinking if selecting the different format options also makes differences in the created XP setup on USB or not? Or the format options just makes a difference in the speed of setup creation?