WinToFlash/ Check Boot Path, Plzz Help [merged]

I made a USB XP Install with nlite & wintoflash combination.

I made nlite iso.

Now you need a virtual CD to mount nlite iso & make wintoflash. Previously I have used power iso for this.

But today instead of power iso to mount the nlite iso I used 7zip & extracted the nlite iso & continued with wintoflash which completed successfully & currently installing with the usb.

I want to know whether there may be probs with XP as I used 7zip extraction instead of mounting the iso with power iso?

What I did is also a right way?

I do not thing there will be any problems, since mounting/extracting do typically give the same output.

By the way, please tell me if you could get the nlited/tweaked image to work with USB.
(I failed many times, even WintoFlash Support team says that they do not support Nlited images)

if your trying to boot an iso from a flash drive i would use Xboot or YUMI i have used both and like them both

Yes, both the programs are quite good or even excellent. I use them very often to carry my Win7 and Linux installation kits, Bart PE.

But, as I mentioned earlier, none of them as I know, supports NLited or Tweaked XP…

have you tried these instructions for Xboot?

How to add a file using Grub4dos ISO Emulation?

Just drag and drop ISO file in xboot.
There will be a prompt with message “File not recognized”.
From drop down menu select " — Add using Grub4dos iso emulation".
Click “Add this file”.

So far these settings worked for all the unknown iso’s i have tried

Seems you never tried WinXP iso, since it is not an ordinary ISO like Linux Live CD/Installation or anything like that. They are one time boot installations including Win7.

WinXP installation involves two stage process involving one textmode installation stage and one graphic mode. That is why it becomes extremely difficult to achieve this task.

i see where that could be a problem. i guess i didnt think about that install process since i never use winxp anymore

nlite + wintoflash combination always works here. But I never tweak anything with nlite, just selected unattended setup & make iso, no tweak under unattended setup too. And yes wintoflash default wizard.

Advanced wizard always gave some error.

I tried advanced wizard with the only change “accept the microsoft eula automatically” & when I tried to install it gave error Drive D is corrupted & setup cannot continue, press F3 to exit. I dont know why this error as Drive D is my CD/DVD drive. It also didn’t gave me the option to select the drive to install like it gives with default wizard setup.

I also tried with 2 changes “eula accepted” & “dont assign a drive letter”. During install it gives errors.

Only default wintoflash wizard with nlite worked here except 1 thing. After install when you check msconfig - boot.ini, check all boot paths, it mentions invalid boot. I installed it few times & everytime created new setup but the same thing.

Win XP.
56 GB HardDisk
No Partition

CD Drive & F8 is not working.

Tried nlite (unattended setup) + wintoflash (default wizard). Installed fine. But msconfig - boot.ini, check boot path mentions boot path is invalid.

Tried only wintoflash with advanced wizard & selected automatically allow eula. On installtion it gave error Drive D is corrupted.

Tried only wintoflash with advanced wizard & selected eula & dont assign a letter to drive. On installation it gives error.

Tried wintoflash with advanced wizard & selected eula & format USB with FAT16 LBA. Installed fine but the same invalid boot path error.

Why if the installation is fine & boot.ini also seems fine but the check mentions invalid?

Few info, dont know if its important or not.

Once I installed Lubuntu & Ubuntu Linux on this system seperately, no dual boot i.e no xp installed.

After when I tried to install XP removing Linux, was getting some error so I had tried formatting the system with GParted.

After installing XP the same boot.ini invalid prob arised. When I tried resintalling XP F8 & CD Drive not working prob occured.

From that time I am using USB install but whatever USB method with wintoflash I try if the install is successful, boot.ini invalid prob is always there.

Is the prob coz of Gparted?

Is anything of Linux is still there & messing?

Or the prob is with the wintoflash USB install creation itself, may be a bug?

Can anyone plzz help me to solve the prob?

Here is the boot.ini

[Boot Loader]
[Operating Systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS=“Microsoft Windows” /noexecute=optin /fastdetect


Any one with any idea to try to solve the prob?

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