WinSCP Blocked

I have just upgraded to version 4.0.135239.742 from v3x. I see that WinSCP had a problem in the past, but that never affected me. Now, on both of my PC’s(WinXP Pro & WinXP Home-all latest patches), WinSCP is blocked unless I disable the CIS firewall. Never did CIS pop up anything about this program to give me a choice on either PC. Other FTP programs work. Anyone have an idea how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

Oh, BTW- The firewall event log shows Application: Windows Operating System Action: Blocked

Could this be a part of the problem? “Windows Operating System” is a bit vague! What part?

WinSCP is a n FTP program I assume. What exactly is being blocked? How did you disable the firewall?

What do the firewall logs show? Look under Firewall → Common Tasks —> View Firewall Alerts and post a screenshot.

Sorry for the delay.

I’ve rolled back to previous version for now & will wait a few builds before trying again and as a side note, I want to cast my vote for putting a clear log option back in.

But to answer your questions-

  1. What exactly is being blocked? That is still a mystery. I was not able to find a blocking entry for WinSCP.

Firewall event log showed
Windows Operating System Action: Blocked
There was no indication of what component of the OS it thought was a problem.

  1. How did you disable the firewall? Right-click tray icon - Firewall - Disable

CIS v4 by default BLOCKS incoming traffic that’s probably killing your Active FTP Session.

Can you edit your WinSCP settings, check if you use FTP instead of SFTP or SCP and go to Connection and click on Passive Mode.
Now try again, this should work, all connection setup requests will be initiated by You.

For more details about Active v.s. Passive FTP read here