Winpatrol and Boclean........?

Are there any known issues running these together? The reason I ask. Boclean has crashed once and it got stuck with the window being green. Logged off and got program not responding. So im thinking these two dont play nice together. Im running the following.

AVS (aol active virus shield)
Linksys befsr41 v4.0 router with newest firmware
Windows XP home edition with SP2

No issues with my setup before. Been running a long time like this. Until I installed Winpatrol yesterday.

there is a forum in castlecops for Winpatrol also you can email support (AT)

BillP the developer answers the mail. He most likely would like to hear from you. I have winpatrol 12.0.1 installed iwth BoClean 4.22.02 and they appear to play ok.

I have had 9 files flagged by BoClean this morning not sure if related cause I also updated Yahoo last night so it is hard to tell if either of them caused the files to be flagged. I sent them in to Comodo for them to double check them for me.

I use WinPatrol with BOClean and CFP2.4 and have never had any problems. :slight_smile:

Pretty much as above + PG2 and never had problems between them

Winpatrol is probably one of the best programs I have ever installed on my machine. The problem I mentioned earlier about the 9 flagged files was a Comodo false positve and had nothing to do with my updated install of WP or Yahoo IM.

Bill P the developer of WP is one nice guy and a true leader in battling malware/spyware

I don’t use Winpatrol but could the problem be related to AOL active virus shield, which uses the Kaspersky engine. Issues between Kaspersky and Comodo are well known for CPF so perhaps this is true for BOClean as well ??? However, it seems to work with CPF (or have you experienced any problems on that front?)
Just a thought which is probably wrong…but maybe worth checking.
Hope that helps,

Sorry, I didn’t quite pay attention to the fact that somebody else had posted while I was writing.
Consider this post as non-existant.

Good to hear it all worked out.

Just as an FYI and to cover this addtional base… I’ve run BOClean with both KAV 6 and now with KAV 7 without issue…

Hey guys. Thanks for the responses! Come to find out. It had to do with the false positives issue with Boclean. Everything is running dandy again. Im surprised to hear AVS and CPF having issues. Mine has always worked flawless together.