WinMX and comodo

hi, I’m brand spankin new to the board, this is my first post! I like comodo, however i am having issues getting winMX to work with comodo running!

I read through the tutorials and all that and have tried every single varation to get it to work with comodo but when i search i get nothing until i set it to allow all!

Win mx uses 6699 for tcp IN connections and 6257 for UDP in/out!

i have went in and set Winmx as a trusted application, went into network monitor and added a rule to allow all traffic from any source to port 6699 for tcp and did the same for udp 6257…shutdown and restarted both apps and it does the same thing. i even went into application monitor and did the same there with no luck.

If i watch the app monitor for traffic i’m not getting anything on ports 6699 and 6257 it stays at 116KB whereas the other winMX connections are increasing in byte count

Does anyone here use winMX and have gotten it to work with comodo sucessfully? any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks