WinDVD and ExterminateIt - False Positive?


I think that these files are CAVS false positive:

  1. ExterminateItSetup.exe - TrojWare.Win32.TrojanDownloader.Swizzor.~JE@766957

  2. ExterminateIt_Uninst.exe - TrojWare.Win32.TrojanDownloader.Swizzor.~JE@766957

  3. SQPlus.dll - Anti.!Themida.InterVideo.WinDVD.001@197641

ExterminateItSetup.exe and ExterminateIt_Uninst.exe ( are part of a smart antivirus and antimalware application.

SQPlus.dll (Blu Ray & DVD Player for Windows - WinDVD Pro 12 by Corel) is a fresh installation dll of a DVD and video playback program, WinDVD.

ExterminateItSetup.exe camas log:

ExterminateItSetup.exe log:

ExterminateIt_Uninst.exe virustotal log:

ExterminateIt_Uninst.exe camas log:

SQPlus.dll virustotal log:

I have already sent the files to malwaresubmit at



I’m represent Exterminate It! team. I registered here just to make you sure that our product is real antimalware application and it’s really do what promised. We are not associated with TrojWare.Win32.TrojanDownloader.Swizzor.~JE or any other malware. So it will be wonderful if Exterminate It! will not be detected as malware by Comodo.


The FPs have been fixed. Let us know if any one is still facing a problem. Thanks for reporting, Much appreciated.


Thank you for your efficiency. Here CAVS now no longer warns :-TU

Thanks for reporting, Much appreciated. Regards, Baskar.

You’re Welcome :■■■■

Wow. :slight_smile:

Thanks for coming in! :a0


Today again the realtime virus scanning detects file ExterminateIt_Uninst.exe like malware (without number code o malware name) UnknownVirus[ at ]818733.