WindowsXP - two Comodo AV installations after auto upgrade or clean reininstal

Hallo, got some problems again,
I am running Comodo CIS (without firewall) on 5 older WinXP desktops.
At the moment they boot OK and get proper updates and upgrades. But like 3 weeks ago I noticed two Comodo installations in the list of programs. I uninstalled them both and made a clean install of CIS (the actual version) but I found again two Comodo installations… on all the 5 desktops. Today I uninstalled both installations on only one of the desktops for the sake of experiment - made clean install and found again two installations!
This actually does not hurt Comodo performance (as far as I can understand) and I cannot complain. But this issue seems to be persistent and may need your attention.
I enclose the diagnostic report prior to the last There were not any fails reported and three screen-shots (using WinXP, Ccleaner and Revouninstaller)
Thanks for cooperation and best wishes.

Hi, GreySparrowBird.

We tried to reproduce the issue in our test environment Windows XP, but issue is not reproducing.

Could you please provide:

  1. Installation package which you used for installation CIS.
  2. CIS installation logs from “C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Temp” folder. They have name like cmdinstall.exe_XX-XX-XX.
  3. msinfo32.nfo. To collect msinfo32.nfo open ‘Run’ via Start menu, type msinfo32 and click OK. In opened window select File menu → Save.

Please add collected files to archive and attached here for further investigation.
Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,

Hallo Sergey,
thanks for responding to my report
Luckily I took one of those problematic desktops home today to do some fixing and I could collect the data you suggested.
The offline installer is a bit too big to be attached to the message directly. Please use the link to yandex.disk

The archive includes:

  1. CIS offline installer with md5sum (this is the one I am using at the moment)
  2. The diagnostic report (post install)
  3. Two screen shots of Revouninstller (before and after) - take notice of the dates there
  4. Msinfo32.nfo
  5. Logs - for the installing and applying the patch as part of the followup autoupdate-upgrade

PS. I have to say that WinXP list of programs does not display the 2nd CIS installation in the meantime. But Revouninstaller does!!! The issue persists.
PPS. I still say that CIS performance is not affected and if you find my report of no relevance I will not be angry at all.

My best wishes and hope to hear form you

Hi, GreySparrowBird.

Thank you for provided files and logs. We will investigated them and let you know results as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,

Hi, GreySparrowBird.

I checked provided logs and saw that only Comodo Antivirus was installed successful:

Could you please provide output of the command:
wmic product list brief >> “C:\list.txt”
After command finished open disk C and provide us list.txt.

Also, please open a registry branch [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall] and check Comodo products in the list.
Do you have only one Comodo product or more? Please provide screenshots of found Comodo products.

For example, in my case I have only one Comodo product and it looks like:

We tried to reproduce issue with provided installer package, but it was not reproducing and as result we have only one Comodo product in ‘Add or Remove Programs’ and in ‘Revo uninstaller’. Please take a look at attached screenshots.

Kind Regards,

Hallo Sergey,
Thank you for your kind assistance.
I have collected the data you asked for. And I have actually found two Comodo related records in the registry in that particular branch:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\COMODO Internet Security

Please find the 2 screen-shots and the list.txt attached

Best regards

PS I did have a bad time in spring this year after the Comodo 8 autoupgraded to buggy Comodo 10 . I had to address the Comodo team with reports. The issues have been eventually fixed but there maybe residual corruptions in the registry left on my desktops.

Hi, GreySparrowBird.

It is ok that you have two records in this registry branch. We were interested in the registry branch with GUID. In your case it is {4F6FC44D-AE9F-472B-8F00-B8388BC9AA04}. Sorry, I forgot to specify it.
You have one Comodo product as we see from screenshots and output of wmic command. Please, look at the attached screenshot.
Could you please provide your Revo Uninstaller if it is possible for checking in our environment?

Kind Regards,

Hallo Sergey,
I am using Revouninstaller version 1.95 That is an older free version. I know there is a newer one but it has not failed so far. And seems to be working faster.
Pity I cannot provide data from other four desktops, not until next Monday when I reach that office.

Thank you for your assistance, Sergey

PS If you think it necessary I can uninstall Comodo antivirus again and remove those registry entries (if left) and try another clean install. Just suggesting. But will be waiting for your recommendations first
PPS Forgot to compress the exe file to zip. Took time to attach it. My bad

Hi, GreySparrowBird.

Thank you for provided file. I checked with received Revo Uninstaller and I have the same picture. It looks like it is not CIS issue and just so issue with displaying in the old version Revo Uninstaller. Please take a look on screenshot #1. So, if you right click on Comodo Antivirus and select ‘Open Registry Key’ you can see your the first screenshot. If you do the same action for Comodo Internet Security then you can see your the second screenshot. So it looks like there is a displaying issue in the old version Revo Uninstaller. If you try to delete Comodo Antivirus via old Revo Uninstaller it returned you a message (screenshot #2) and after deleting you will see that CIS was deleted also. So this is confirming that I have one version Comodo. In the new version CIS is displaying correctly. So I think it was fixed in the new version Revo Uninstaller.

Hallo Sergey,
you were right to say that older Revouninstaller displays Comodo installation incorrectly.
I see now only one installation via newer Revoininstaller - just as it should be!
My concerns about this particular desktop seem to have been successfully resolved, thanks to you. You were really helpful and so fast to respond.
Still there are 4 other desktops for me to look at next Monday. If you see my “Comodo” I attached to my first post, you will find the screenshots I made on another desktop. I will look at the registry if there is one or two installations. And make that list of programs in command line to know what there is installed.
Pity those desktops are out of reach for now.

Sorry I took much of your time but I really was thinking that spring-time issues were coming back…

My best wishes, and my thanks to you and the Comodo team

Hi, GreySparrowBird.

Thank you for reporting.

Kind Regards,

Hallo Sergey,
I had a look at those 4 desktops today.
Two of them still have 2 Comodo installations (as viewed by windows’ list of applications and CCleaner)
But the command {wmic product list brief >> “C:\list.txt”} reports there is one installation. (New Revouninstaller sees only one installation too)

But what strange is that registry has only one record of Comodo in: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\COMODO Internet Security
And there is no record at all: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall{4F6FC44D-AE9F-472B-8F00-B8388BC9AA04}
Looks like I will have to remove the antivirus on these two desktops and check that branch in registry again before fresh installing.
Anyway my problems appear to be more of a local nature and I cannot ask for more help than you have provided.
If you have something to advise, I’ll be glad to make use of it.

Thank you for your assistance and my best wishes to you and your great team

Hi, GreySparrowBird.

Thank you for your replying.
Regarding registry branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall{4F6FC44D-AE9F-472B-8F00-B8388BC9AA04} - may be you have a branch which has other GUID, not a {4F6FC44D-AE9F-472B-8F00-B8388BC9AA04}. It is ok, because I think you can have any GUID from old CIS version.
These two registry branch contain UninstallString, which can use for deleting CIS and they do the same actions. May be two of your PC still have 2 Comodo uninstallation (as viewed by windows’ list of applications and CCleaner) because they haven’t some Windows updates by some reasons and they are displaying differently. Please look at the attached screenshots.
So, if the command {wmic product list brief >> “C:\list.txt”} reports there is one installation then it is OK in your endpoints and there is no cause for concern.

Kind Regards,

Hallo Sergey,
Thank you for detailed explaining what those two registry entries are meant for. I get your idea.
The antivirus works OK, no need to complain. I’ll leave it as it is for a while. Until the next autoupgrade and see how the wind blows.
As for the older CIS installations - they were many as I started as of Comodo 5 and later 6,7,8 versions. They kept on rolling nice until we all stumbled over Comodo 10 in February this year. Eventually the things were improved but there maybe some residue entries piling in the registry. In any case I appreciate that the Comodo team is still working to support WinXP.

Thank you for help and patience.
Best regards, GreySparrowBird