WindowsXP Firewall On/Off Consensus

Prior opinions (more than 120 days ago on FAQs) are mixed. I’d like to know what current thoughts are. I am aware that the installation guide advises that WindowsXP Firewall should be disabled which I have done and will leave so for now. I just installed Comodo Firewall a few hours ago and am currently downloading updates.

Thanks in advance to those who respond.


I’ve been using the latest version of the Firewall and the antivirus. I can tell you that it really does deliver. And if you have any trouble forums are not just active; they are Proactive :smiley: Make sure you read some FAQs as well.,32.0.html

last but not least Welcome to the world of COMODO :smiley:

If you leave XP’s firewall ON, CFP will still provide protection and the Windows firewall will still sit there like a stunned mullet. LOL

Seriously, the Windows firewall can be left on, but you are better off to disable it.

One really good rule in IT security is “Simplicity is king!”. The simpler your security layers are, the easier it is to troubleshoot when/if things go pear shaped. If you have two firewalls running and have in/out access issues, you have three possible causes to initially examine - firewall A, firewall B or a combination of firewalls A and B.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Having two firewalls that are operating on the same computer working together is a very bad idea, do not do it.!!!

Leave windows firewall disabled and use comodo. When personal firewalls were first gaining popularity the concenus of opinion at that time was 1 and only 1 pf, and, 1 and only 1 anti-virus.
I had to to a clean install a while back and thought I would run a little test (1 comp behind adsl modem). Ran windows firewall for 2 weeks then reinstalled comodo. No noticeable difference to my system or net speed.
Win firewall is fine for those who just want basic protection and not be bothered with anything more complex. Even ZA free is beyond some users.
But, I want a little bit more control and protection than windows firewall can provide. Therefore I use cpf and will continue to use and recommend cpf.

My Windows Firewall will remain off! Thanks very much to all for your rapid, helpful replies.
This is indeed a wonderful forum.

No problem, that’s what we are all here for (:WAV)

BTW, when i had Zonealarm and Kaspersky Antivirus installed. Kaspersky anti virus had an update availible so i checked the update log to see what they changed and did not see anything significant that should mess up my computer. So i updated to the new version, on reboot i could not boot my computer up. What had happened was that Kaspersky had added “Network protection” basically a small firewall and it had conflicted big time with Zonealarm.

I resolved this by booting into safe mode… Lucky.

This is why i said the above.