Windowsblinds incompatibility with CFPv3

I upgraded from v2.4 to v3 today and so far it has been a nightmare to configure.

For starters, the UI has some incompatibility with WindowsBlinds 6( that causes the UI to draw slowly or not at all in some places (For instance the Stealth Port Wizard does not draw the options radio buttons or text).
The latter can be solved unloading WindowBlinds, however the speed still is affected.
And regardless of the setting selected, after reopening the dialog it resets to the first option (or maybe is not changed at all)

Do note that this is the only application affected by WindowBlinds. Using the WB configuration tool I added CFP to the exclusion list so WB is not trying to alter the CFP UI.

Having read the suggestings elsewhere, I disabled Defense+ and the registry protection setting. No difference trying to get rid of the 100% CPU usage.

I suspect some sort of drawing routine is going insane with WB.

In addition, somehow the block all rule is being triggered even if there are preceeding allow rules that match the traffic using Predefined Firewall Policies (tested by using the “emule” rules)

Unfortunately, I can’t follow the suggestion of changing the Stealth Port Wizard setting.

My CPU specs:
AMD Athlon 64, 2800, 2GB RAM, 1 100Mbit NIC, 1 1Gbit NIC, 1 802.11g NIC
Windows XP/SP2

CFP running at Training mode, D+ is disabled

Additional software: CA Antivirus 8.4, Spysweeper 5.3, WindowBlinds 6.01, Internet Explorer 7, Netscape Navigator 9.

Uninstalled and Reinstalled CFP and now the slowdown is no longer present, however the drawing problem persists.

In addition, the block-rule problem was solved.

I also got a runtime error (Pure virtual function call) while switching skins in WB.