WindowsBlinds False positive

When I use windowsBlinds (Software that allows one to install custom themes on windows) I get random messages from Comodo when I launch different executable files saying it is infected with TrojWare.Win32.GameThief.Magania.~YB@225330048 . The actual windows Blind files themselves are clean.

Hi vashthestampede,

Thanks for reporting.
Could you please submit the detected file at
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I too have the exact same issue, it never entered my head that it could have been windowblinds causing the false detections. I say false as it is EVERY exe file downloaded, system scanned and declared clean by cis, eset and avg. (I was thorough)

Would there be any point in including all the files detected as they are all clean and fresh downloads?

False positives happen and that’s why they can get reported here.

I understand this, but should I submit all the files detected as being “infected” that was the question I asked :slight_smile:

As they are clean, it would seem like increasing the workload for the techs unnecessarily as they would be looking at files that are clear, when the issue the wrapper used by windowblinds

That workload is part of the AV world; it comes with the territory. Comodo cannot just trust the judgments of its end users. So there are technicians and procedures to assess files to make sure Comodo gets it right in second instance.


Is there any update on this problem? Stardock’s WindowBlinds and CIS just don’t play well together. The moment WindowBlinds gets turned on CIS starts spitting out TrojWare.Win32.GameThief.Magania.~YB[at]225330048 messages. Turn it off and these messages disappear. The “infected” objects appear to be completely random and magically becomes uninfected when WindowBlinds is turned off. I think that CIS must interpret WindowBlinds skinning action as some sort of malware injection attempt. There’s not a lot of point in submitting files because they aren’t infected in anyway - the “infection” (ie the skinning) only occurs in memory. As someone who has purchased both WindowBlinds and CIS I’d like to be able to use them together. Perhaps someone at Comodo could get in touch with Stardock technical support to resolve what needs to be changed in CIS to allow it to work with WindowBlinds?


It looks like that topic starter may not have submitted the file.

Please consider submitting it following How to report False Positives - Please read this before submitting !. It may be best if you made your own topic for this.