windows7 start menu cleaners?

Hello comodo forum.
Im just wondering if you could suggest any reliable and safe start menu cleaners for windows 7 please.?

Many thanks for any help on this.


Hi Mrarnold,
For cleaning recently open programs or items right click the start menu orb then choose properties.
Untick both entries under privacy and click apply then OK.
To re-enable follow the above steps and tick both items, click apply then OK.

For further cleaning of possible obsolete entries most of your system cleaning programs (To many to list) will cover this.
Kind regards.

I have used with no issues AutoRuns.
You can disable / enable startup and remove them. (requires Admin access - run as Admin).

Comodo System Utilities has Autorun Manager

Why not use CCleaner, it has the ability to just Disable the entry for windows, Internet Explorer and some Scheduled Tasks. You can allways revert the changes easily…



Thanks to everyone for your help on this.
Much appreciated and thanks again.
All the best.