Windows xp won't start, hangs on comodo splash error page

Trying to boot system and get the following splash screen with error message:

Error:Failed to take the snapshop due to insufficient disk space

Please free some disk space by cleaning up unnecessary
files/snapshots in order to continue.

box with OK at bottom

Cannot click the OK button, hit return button and nothing happens
mouse is not active


Could you please tell me which CTM version and OS you are using?

BTW, the latest version is 2.9 beta.

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Did you come up with a solution to this? My machine is doing the same thing-started 3 days ago and I’ve tried everything I can find to fix it. Nothing works.

Windows xp pro sp3 and I can’t tell you what version of Time Machine I have because I can’t access windows to look that info up. Didn’t do anything new or different to the pc before this happened. It did start running a bit slow lately, but I have Comodo Security Suite (?) fw/av/etc on all the time, and the av scan came up clean…The first few times this Time Machine error screen came up, I was able to hit OK and proceed booting up. Time Machine would immediately start telling me that I should erase snapshots because I was low on disk space (I wasn’t even close to being low) and before long my machine would crash. I began transferring files to an external hd, but I was unable to transfer everything I wanted before the machine quit booting for good. Incidentally, I started shutting Time Machine down after the first couple of crashes, but it loads on start-up and I suppose kept worsening the damage before I could get it shutdown?? While TM was shut down, I got no ‘low disk space’ messages and the pc ran fine. I’m not sure if it’s all coincidence, or if TM is the culprit.

I’m stumped. ANY help would be appreciated.

This may tell someone smarter than me something…I considered hardware failure so I attempted to do a clean install of windows on a different harddrive connected to the system (with the problem hd NOT connected) to see how the machine would behave and it still hangs right after post and the boot menu (choose which os you want to run…with a countdown timer) only the countdown timer starts at 0, and the menu screen is only up for a second before it proceeds to a black screen with this error message:

'Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem.

Could not read from the selected boot disk. Check boot path and disk hardware.

Please check the Windows documentation about hardware disk configuration and your hardware reference manuals for additional information."

My apologies if I’ve not given enough info here- I’ve never posted on a forum with pc troubles, so I’m not sure what the ‘protocol’ is…thanks in advance for the help.