Windows XP User Profile Size

Let’s have a thread for this! 8)

  • Which is your size?
  • How do you think/know it affects system performance?
  • What can you do to decrease the size?

I have, quite amazingly, reached some kind of personal record: 877 KB. I suppose the reason is that few of my applications store anything in Documents and Settings.


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You had the same reaction when I was on 950 KB. (:LGH)

Care to share your size? (:TNG)



Double (:AGY)

Your comp is one lean son of a gun

1 hundred and 8loody sixty one :’(

Double LOL. :slight_smile:

I guess one answer to this…

…would be: minimize the amount of files and folders in your user profile folder. Take Firefox for example. I noticed that it stores many megabytes in the user profile folder. This, along with other things, made me switch to Opera which lets you put the application settings in the installation folder itself. Thus I was able to get rid of quite a lot of space in the Windows user profile folder.

However, I wonder how much difference it actually makes for performance. Logging in should be a little faster but what do I know? Nothing, really. :-X


Size doesn’t always matter. Besides, mine’s bigger ;D. MUCH bigger (:SHY).

Rule of thumb: don’t save files on your desktop!

Does an admin profile count?


sorry for the double ss

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Alright! Lars, looks like you’ve got competition. We have a new king here (:LGH)

You’re a funny guy. (:AGY)

+1, +My Documents

No! (:AGY)

Well, I guess it does. :’(


I keep trying Opera but for some reason (maybe NoScript) i seem to keep going back to FF.Web pages in Opera seem to take an age to render,its fine at first then the last bit seems to take ~20 secs. Maybe im not giving it a good enough try,ive got Diskshield up and running now so maybe another dabble wouldnt do any harm.

That`s what women say :THNK

Now who’s the king? 542 KB! :BNC


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I don’t trust those screen shots. Especially due to the date stamp. It has to be current 88).

Are you cheating LA (:CLP)

Typical statement of someone who’s jealous. :-*

On a serious note: I achieved this by deleting the GIMP settings. Which, of course, isn’t sustainable as I had to relaunch GIMP to save the screen shot. So, as much as I actually had a size of 542 KB, now it’s back at 878 KB. Still pretty fine I think. :a0


ye you need to show all folders and files, including any and all personal ones ;D.

Here’s the complete 878 KB (I know it was 877 in my first post, now it’s 878) LL folder. 88)


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Your NTUSER.DAT is uncanny. I wonder if this file constitutes the majority of the profile size 88).

And why does it have sizes like 512, 768, 1024 KB etc. - you see the pattern. How large is yours? At least 1024 KB I bet. :slight_smile:


3,840 KB = 3.75 MB 88)

Sometimes sacrifices must be made to achieve another desire 88).