Windows XP support

Due to the massive number of organizations that are not going to upgrade, hopefully microsoft will continue to support XP. While i have windows 7 and windows 8. I still love windows xp and its a lot easier to work on windows XP computers than windows 7 or 8 in my experience. Microsoft should either continue to support XP or create a second edition windows XP. They should honestly start selling licenses for it again and Continue to support it. So many people would pay for xp. Myself included, As i prefer XP to windows 7 or 8. So what they should do is update XP, and rerelease it. Everyone i know loves windows XP, so Why don’t they just do that? Its what i would do if my customers really wanted a given OS. I would rerelease the old one, exactly as it was, with all the latest software. but the same GUI. Microsoft really needs to think before they kill off XP. While i would upgrade to 7, Windows xp is worth keeping. Its less resource intensive and also very stable.

Hi Nick Does Computers,
It won’t happen, while I agree XP was/is a great OS development of it is over. :slight_smile:
Windows lifecycle fact sheet-Microsoft
Microsoft Support Lifecycle-Microsoft

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Yeah Microsoft probably won’t support it, and as a result, Many Companies are putting their customers personal data at risk. That is a bad thing. I have seen how easily not supported versions of windows are to hack into. windows 2000 for example. I hope microsoft will deliver a quality enterprise OS, which windows 8 doesnt appear to be. Windows 7 is though, so thats what most of them are upgrading to. that or Linux.

From first hand experience, companies that use XP can be put in three groups.

  1. Cheap bas**rds that thit IT is necessary evil !
  2. Megalodons that think if it works it’s ok (no matter what progress is made). I would compare this to someone that refuses to replace 10+ year old PC because this one works (although it starts 5 minutes, and to open some modern high demand page is like wining a lottery). For them progress is WRONG because it costs money.
  3. Someone that just doesn’t care and thinks problem never affect them but someone else (fools)

I work with banks, hospitals, big companies and corporations, and where ever i saw this case when someone just refusing to let-go XP it’s one of three cases mentioned above.
As i’m not MS fan or hater like any other companies (i’m realist) but i understand MS and their decision to end the support for this 13 year old OS, and move those resources for better good.

There is a 4th reason - companies may have apps that are business critical and do not operate under later version of the OS. While these are generally bespoke apps, only the client can truly determine the criticality of their apps to their business.

Having said that, 1, 2 and 3 are far too common.

Ewen :slight_smile:

these fall under the 1 and 2 groups ! :slight_smile:
When i hear excuse like that i just wave my hand
That case is pure negligence of business process as that would NEVER happen in normal company.

It can and it does happen. It shouldn’t, but it does. That doesn’t always make them cheap or megalodons.

If the app simply cannot be rewritten to run under another OS (think of apps written in pure machine code and using hardware level timings, for example), then it can be simply necessary to hang on to at least a handful of systems to keep the line of business app running.

At the end of the day, it’s about keeping business running.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. The app I’m thinking of is not an internet or network connected system (so keeping it running does not expose the business to any more risk than it is already exposed to) - it’s used to drive logic controllers at exceptionally precise timings, driven by the CPU ticker.

As i mentioned i work for lot of company’s including banks and we don’t have any problem with ATM that are on XP because soft has been made compatible with w7 in late 2011 after almost 2 years of testing.
That is called normal business activity procedure, job of IT manager that has brain and knows how to use it !
People/companies bitc**ng about it are small businesses and sloppy banks that are here for short term, not caring for themselves or their customers.

You are thinking OK but must broaden your view of situation !
I’m not allowed by NDA agreement to detail talk more of this, but trust me, having non supported os is stupidity at it’s best !

Custom built logic controllers that work ONLY with custom software and only runs under DOS!

I’m thinking OK and sometimes I can narrow my vision. :wink:

Sadly, sometimes, it is what it is, regardless of our collective opinions of what should be.

This business has worked for 6 years (at a cost of >$30K AUD) to find an alternative, but the custom hardware and the reliance on absolutely precise timings has defeated then at all turns.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I use XP in a VM, and I gotta say, its lightning fast. Microsoft has only released 1 os that is Worth using since XP, and That was Windows 7. Windows 8 is not a good OS for anything. Windows 7 is a true Upgrade. Windows 8 is a downgrade from XP. Uses more resources and doesn’t do what it needs to do. What microsoft should do is create an XP: Second edition, with everything the same, with up to date software and full compatibility for windows XP programs. That would make them tons of money. I would buy it. I prefer XP to 7 anyday. I think they should make an XP second edition. like they did with the incredible windows 98. Make a newer version of XP, that uses the same GUI and Updated software, And less resources. 7 uses more resources, to do the exact same thing. I think the object is to be efficient and not bog down user resources. I am all for the new. I hope my company i work for in the near future has upgraded by now. but it may not have happened, And thats something that i may have to work with. Personally I am not for microsoft as much as i used to be. Windows 8 made me not like them too much. Just make something the enduser will enjoy using. Dont break User experience with a bad interface such as the metro interface. Just use windows aero or the XP interface.

Agreed !
METRO (Modern UI) is pure rubbish.
Interesting article from Jacob Miller, a UI designer for Windows 8 -

Win 8.1 is not all bad IMO.
Whether it be the metro screen or the desktop, it has major customization options.
Once you get it set up to your own personal preferences it is quicker to navigate than previous versions IMO.
In its default state I agree it is not good, but it doesn’t have to stay that way by a long shot.
Any so called advanced/power user should be able to tailor it to suit their own requirements, resulting in an easy to navigate performance system.

IMO it gives the best of both worlds, whether you prefer metro or desktop it caters for both.

Just my thoughts.

I’ve XP x64, Win7, Win8.1 & Ubuntu 12.04 in my same HDD
I won’t even blame for XP drop support.
But it’s already nice that comodo still usable on xp that’s already nice enough. :wink:
So once comodo drop xp I’ll keep that last version installer for xp spilt it from Win7 & Above Installers.

If you see some software distribution some website they make 4 type installers:

  1. XP installers <<<For those who want to keep with XP.
  2. x86, i586 installers <<<All fits for x86 & x64 OS. Mostly they support XP also by concidences.
  3. x64, amd64 installers <<<For 64 users which mostly are vista & above.
  4. x86-x64 installers <<<Combine x86-x64 installer that can install with older & newer OS.
    Right now Comodo is the 4th type installer.

Can to whom will interesting about the end of support Windows XP.

Microsoft is trying to force users off of an unsecure platform. XP is twelve years old and is ready for retirement. Just use Linux if you don’t want to pay for Windows 7 or 8.

I agree. While I loved XP, I decided to try Win 8 on my older single core laptop. I have been pleasantly surprised by the fact that it actually runs smoother and faster than XP did and boots up in less than half the time XP took. It does not use any more resources than XP either and occupies a lot less space on the HDD than Win 7 would. I have yet to find an older application that can not be gotten to run under what is now Windows 8.1. The compatibility mode is excellent and far better than the one in 7.

If you ignore the “metro” interface by installing the free Classic Shell utility and boot straight to a desktop environment, Win 8 can be made to look and run exactly like Win 7, only better. I personally, boot to the metro screen which in 8.1, works fairly well with a mouse and keyboard and switches to desktop when you load a desktop application. I have the option to switch to the Desktop and Classic Shell by using the Windows key but I have actually gotten to like the look of the default UI after deleting some tiles and moving others around. I dislike most of the Win 8 Apps and don’t use them with the exception of the eBay one which is excellent.

On older, underpowered hardware, Win 8 runs better and lighter than 7 and just as good if not a little better than XP. Like all other Windows versions, if you put XP on new hardware designed for 7 or 8, it will blaze but be lacking in features and more importantly, security. Microsoft should not extend the support for it. It had it’s day and served us well (After the service packs came out. The original XP was pretty bad). Let it fade honorably into the sunset.