Windows XP Startup - Commodo Popup

Hi All!
I’m thinking about coming back to using Commodo since their latest release and now offering Antivirus. I remember in the previous version that I used; every time I booted my system the Commodo “call it control center if you like” popped up and stayed up every time I booted and I’d end up having to close it. Is this still the case and is there maybe a way to stop it popping up?


Hello, no it doesn’t popup anymore, although it is an option to show in advanced settings.
I believe you’ll like this version much better. tim

Thanks Tim… I’ll try it out… Now on to looking at the Antivirus… It would be nice to have all my security products by the same company instead of spending ages fiddling about with various and unreliable other free programs.

Thanks Again!


BTW Eric, welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Hi Eric

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