My windows xp sp2 wont detect my antivirus whats the problem?

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Sometimes you need to go into C:\WINDOWS\system32\wbem\ and rename/remove the Repository folder. You now need to reboot, and windows will make a new repository folder.

i went there but there is no folder only 2 files named msfeed

SORRY i went to the wrong wbem

Are you sure you where in system32/wbem?

It says Access denied (:SAD)

Can’t you right click on the repository folder and change the name on it?

im gonna type exactly what it says when i try to do what u said…
cannot rename reopsitory:access is denied
Make sure disc is full or right-protected and that the file is not currently in use

Are you logged in as an administrator?

Yes i am computer administrator, Nobody else uses this computer, Maybe my computer is gimped out…

LOL! ;D Maybe it is…
You could try to download the free program Unlocker. Just search for it.
When installed you can right click and Unlock. Try it. Can be useful at other times as well. Sometimes you get those “you can’t rename/move/delete this file because it is in use…”