Windows XP slow logins

I am using the latest version of CIS on XP SP3. Norton antivirus is installed, so I do not use the Comodo antivirus. When I log in, cmdagent.exe hogs CPU for up to two minutes. What is cmdagent doing and how can I speed up the logins?

I uninstalled to confirm that CIS was causing the slow login.

I can not correlate the slowdowns with any particular version of CIS. I am aware of the bad virus sig update issue, but I do not use Comodo antivirus.

Any help would be appreciated.



I had same problem but i use nod32 antivirus. Dont know if this works for you but try this.
Open comodo defense+/advanced/image execution control settings/file check and add norton to the execution list… like this, shown below

if norton antivirus have also execution control…do the same


Yep same thing happens here, xp sp3 but i only use comodo antivirus,hips,firewall. Cmd agent uses up all my cpu and usually up to and over 100mb ram to a max of around 200mb ram for the first 2 or so minutes of start up. The same thing also happens on a computer i set up for a friend.

Anybody else out there having the same problems?



Hi (:WAV)

Can you give us the SCREEN SHOT of your TASK MANAGER?


I will have to reinstall to get a screen shot. I will try later tonight after I finish some other stuff that needs this computer.


I reinstalled Comodo last night. I only installed the firewall. The login process seems a bit faster but I need to observe for a few days. I wonder if it slows down as it collects rules.

I will post a screen shot if I see anything interesting.