Windows XP Service Pack 3

Let’s have a thread for this. I downloaded and installed the final SP3 (from Majorgeeks) today. Unfortunately it messed up my system, probably because I’ve cleared the folder Windows\Inf (there are so many crappy files in Windows until you actually make a change, then they might be important :(). When rebooting, I got a black screen and a message that the file “biossomething.inf” in Windows\Inf was corrupted or missing. Unable to repair this, I had to reinstall my Windows using a pre-made nLite SP2 CD.

So I started all over with a fresh XP SP2, and then successfully installed SP3. The only problem was, that SP3 recreated junk folders (and applications) like Windows Media Player, Movie Makes, xerox etc. - besides SP3 enabled SFC (Windows File Protection). Since I hate bloated Windows setups, I reformatted AGAIN and here I sit with XP SP2!

Now go ahead and discuss your SP3 experiences!


In Windows defense, you set it up to fail , not like it needs any help… (:LGH)

Probably better to slipstream it using nlite or a similar programme, then you can choose what to leave out.

I’m running XP Pro SP2 that went from XP->SP1->SP2; another box that I did with SP2 slipstreamed (but nothing left out) was 1GB less in the Windows folder!

I’d like to know what’s in SP3: does it contain all of SP1 & 2; does it have anything nasty such as WGA?

I think you can find release notes at Microsoft’s websites. There should be many bugfixes but hardly any new features in SP3.

I’ve planned to slipstream this, which I may bring up in the nLite thread… !ot!


One particular bug I see fixed is the one where the wireless network tells you that it isn’t connected (the constantly searching computer) but actually is.

In the meantime they’ve introduced another one where on some standbys and restarts the wireless network says its connected but is not. To fix it I find it necessary to use the “fix option” when one right clicks on the wireless icon.

Fix one, produce another. Who knew.

How did I predicted that being a clean freak at this high level will eventually come back and bite you in the A? ;D. My Inf directory is 21.3 MB. I think I can handle that much of vital install files (:TNG). Also, I would wait some months before a service pack (even if this one is supposedly small) is released.

Well this isn’t really a surprised. I’m just pissed that SP3 is able to restore all the crap I don’t want, but not vital files. >:(
I’d better grab a copy of nLite, soon.


Im curious if XP SP3 will be a necessity or something you can live without.

Why should you want to live without SP3?

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Anyone noticed anything wrong with SP3 so far?

I haven’t, but I guess there are a million kinds of actions you can do on XP which I haven’t done. But it sure works for me. I can’t notice any difference whatsoever from a fully patched SP2.


As long as it doesn’t involve deleting things 88)

Maybe there’s not much to be done now that too many files are deleted.

Sure am glad Vista SP1 installation isn’t all screwed up like XP SP3. :BNC

What are those screw-ups?


I think you should go ahead and slipstream SP3 into a new nLite CD. It would most likely be your best nLite accomplishment ever! Take the challenge! And you don’t even need .NET Framework, as you know… (but what’s the difference, you will reformat anyway after the .NET => nLite event)


What’s the point? I can see absolutely all reasons to do the opposite. For one, I’d have to install all the programs and download all the files that I have right now and re-tweak all the things that I always forget because there are hundreds of things to do.

SP3 is mostly just security patches and some things to do a version upgrade of one of the XP system tools? It’s not like it’ll speed up my computer or create less head-aches.

You would have the latest stuff within the frames of Windows XP, that’s the only point. :wink:


Had no issues with SP3 until now. Just installed and everything is running smoothly. First I forgot that I had to patch tcpip.sys again for more half-open connections.
Did a slipstream into an XP SP2 CD which also worked great. (Without nLite, just with /integrate switch). Will do a clean reinstall in two weeks.
Don’t slipstream SP3 in your CD on a Vista machine! Several people in the MS Technet forum complain about strange side effects.

Do you know if you have build 5.1.2600.3311 or 5.1.2600.5512? I have the first one, and I guess 3311 is not the final SP3 build. That’s annoying because it said “final” as I downloaded it from Majorgeeks. Another reason to use nLite once more… maybe I can also do some further removals of components.