Windows XP Issue W/ CIS

In Windows XP, the application seems to automatically close for no apparent reason. I would like to use CIS again but I can’t use it when it closes for no reason. How does that get fixed?

Has anyone figured out this issue yet ??? ?

:THNK Does anyone here know what the cause is to this issue & know how to resolve it? :THNK

Please try Gizmo’s suggestion clean install can solve many issues, maybe your issue is one of them :-\

Uninstall the current CİS with Revo Uninstaller

then use the Gizmo’s guide :-TU

I tried a clean install & used Revo Uninstaller & CIS 6 still closes automatically. Any other suggestions?

Did you also remove possible left overs of previously installed security programs? A list of clean up tools for them can be found here: ESET Knowledgebase .

What process is closing? Cis.exe?