Windows XP EOL in 2014


I have a question which I’ve been wanting to ask - since Arkoon Network security have announced that even though microsoft will by april 2014 end support, Arkoon will provide security features to XP even after the official support ends - will COMODO do the same and continue to provide its products for Windows XP permanently?

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Well since Windows Xp has 33.66% market share I don’t think Comodo will drop support very soon. As for permanently I don’t think so, after Windows xp will loose users(low market share), Comodo will discontinue support for Windows Xp, like Windows 2000.

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I think it will be sooner rather than later. Note that full security depends on Microsoft patching the vulnerabilities. Note Symantec/Norton reports: [QUOTE=Symantec]After the official End of Support date from Microsoft goes into affect, Symantec Support may not be able to provide full threat resolution on XP systems due to a lack of Microsoft security patches. It has always been Symantec’s stance that proper network and workstation security begins at having the most recent security patches from the OS vendor.
McAfee has a similar statement.

I believe when Comodo can no longer confidently secure your system, they will drop support. They sure don’t want to be blamed for any infections that are impossible to prevent.

It should be noted that it is very likely badguys have already discovered new vulnerabilities and have written malicious code to exploit them, but are waiting to release that malware until after the April 8th end of support date. :frowning:

While XP was a great OS, it is 12 years old. While designed for networks, it was NOT designed with Internet security in mind. It is time to let XP go.

Of course there is always EMET to protect against exploits. It probably will take a while to fine tune it.

EMET? If you mean that EMET, I don’t think so. EMET mitigations in XP are already limited as noted in the EMET User Guide and Microsoft is not likely to continue supporting XP in future versions of EMET (or required .NET Framework updates) after XP’s EOL.