Windows XP doesn't recognize my firewall

Hello, I am a newbie here, or anywhere in the matter of firewalls.

Before, I had ZoneAlarm and BitDefender trial versions, which were compatible with my Windows XP - or, so to say, Windows recoginzed them.

Now I have an aforementioned problem - Windows doesn’t recognize Comodo firewall (:AGY) Why is that? And how could I repair that’‘oversight’'? (:SAD)

I had uninstalled BitDefender before I installed your firewall, but had problems with uninstalling the entire thing of Bitdefender’s, did that rough was, with manual deleting… (:SHY)

Thanks for help and answers,


PS: Oh, and another thing: should I install Antivirus program, too? And if yes, is Comodo antivirus program compatible with firewall?

Thanks again! (V)

You should try installing BitDefender again and then uninstall it cleanly by using Revo Uninstaller (free) in Advanced mode or similar program. Then try to install Comodo and see how it looks :slight_smile: HTH :wink: