Windows XP Defragmenter performance

So the Defragmenter doesn’t perform better than this?! (screen shot attached)


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Good read here:

Personally, i use what he suggests, JKDefrag, i added PageDefrag and NTREGOPT after reading it.
I don’t use Windows built in. Well, actually, it’s been a while since i defrag (XP isn’t my daily OS anymore).

I use contig.exe from sysinternals, combined with power defragmenter gui. Seems to do a good job and its free.


I use PerfectDisk Professional Free Edtion :wink:


…still I don’t understand what is Leon trying to ask for…

Heck I agreed with Soya. That’s a gurl name :slight_smile:

I think he wants a better defragmention software than the Windows standard.
Or possible he just want to say how much he hates it.


Or… he’s still too numb to tell us what his intention there, after that Pinky guy stole his identity, a few hours before.

Thanks for your advice. I know there are some defragmenters out there. Just got a big surprise from the results image that the XP defragmenter gave; so little difference.

Gonna try the PerfectDisk 30 day trail.


Ragwing answers the question!
No, not a girl’s name!

Yeah :slight_smile:

Oh, there she he goes…
If that’s the case then, JK. Defrag is a good one. For an XP that is.
Because when I run it on my 160Gb SATA at 32 bit Vista Ultimate, after 1.5 hour or so… it just stuck there, and do nothing.

By the way, no. I don’t like to register, just to download an evaluation copy. Perhaps I should take a look at JkDefrag… (I see there is a source available, then I can modify it and rename it as PinkDefrag ;D)


I’ve split the off topic posts from this topic into another topic called names?!


Ok changes have been made, this topic is now open again for discussion…

The XP defragger isn’t too good when the volume is quite full. However I found out that sometimes the defragger is finished only after I had it run three times in a row. :-
PerfectDisk is much better (but not free).

True, this was a huge difference, compared to when the volume had more free space. Then it was actually much better defragmented, according to the corresponding image.

I’ll go with JkDefrag, seems to be a cool program. I really like small programs, open source and with a touch of enthusiasm. :slight_smile:


There is IObit, it’s a beta but I’ve heard it isn’t bad.

IObit SmartDefrag works in the background, i don’t think anyone would need that, and whatever resource usage that brings. A defrag now and then is ideal. imho

I don’t know about IObit SmartDefrag, but if it run in the background, doesn’t it prevent the HDD from getting fragmented instead of defragmenting it?


I have no clear idea, in the site it says defrag, not prevention.

Perhaps it runs when the computer is idle enough
Just like what Vista defrager did.

I used an earlier beta, I believe that it can either slowly defrag in the background, or it can defrag manually, it all depends on your settings.