Windows XP Data Execution Prevention Problem with Comodo Firewall

Does the Data Execution Prevention feature of Windows XP give a warning message if it has closed an application?

Before I have installed Comodo Firewall, I have turned DEP on for all programs and then set it to Windows programs and services only due to the number of prompts I get from running programs that are closed by DEP.

When I installed Comodo Firewall, it gave me the option to turn on DEP for all programs. I chose to turn DEP on for all programs, and after that, some of my programs (Counter Strike: Condition Zero, Riva FLV Player, Portable Opera and a few other programs) don’t run anymore (or run and close immediately). Running them gives no prompt or error message.

I have tried setting DEP for Windows Programs and services only and the programs that previously don’t run worked fine if this is the setting I choose.I have turned on DEP for all programs and then included Condition Zero’s executable in the DEP exclusion list and it works without any problems. My processor (Intel Celeron M) supports hardware-based DEP protection.

My concern is that I won’t know if DEP is the cause of a program not running as Windows XP doesn’t give error messages/warnings, unless I try to add the problematic program to the exclusion list every time this happens. I am wondering if I have changed a setting somewhere as I don’t get any prompts/warnings at all. Disabling DEP might not be a good idea due to security reasons.

Just wanted to let comodo know I got a dep error when submitting a file through firewall V3, my rig is XP media center, with an AMD 5800 CPU, with 2GB ram. I was submitting what looked like a system restore file entry, when windows popped up the dep error and said it had to automatically close the comodo firewall submission module. Very cool software indeed. Thanks!