Windows wrecked

…I used to have a HP Laptop about 4 years ago, back when I was a newbie at computers, I got infected by like 24 malware, and drivers somehow got uninstalled, so I took the Novice way of solving the problem, reformatting. After that, I started to learn more about computers. But I have built my own computer (x64) and hunted down all the drivers.

I love formatting. (:LOV) ;D

Can you build a laptop? Or only desktops?

I can only build desktops, but you, as all aliens do, can build a spaceship ???

I’m not a “builder” alien. :-\ (and it is very hard to get builder aliens to build stuff for you)

I wonder if there is an easy way to build laptops, like there is to build desktops. :THNK

Hopefully someone can help I’ve repaired the laptop except I’m having trouble installing acers ethernet driver or any other for that matter. Problem is they dont have an install exe so how do I install one.

Have you downloaded the drivers? If there are no .exe files, you should be able to install by going to Control Panel → Add hardware, and install from there. You can chose first which hardware to install, then which folders to look for drivers in.

Hi I downloaded acers broadcom ethernet software which seems to be a sweet rather than driver advice?

  • When you have found a working driver you can use Microsoft update to search for updated drivers… (it has helped me several times…)

  • You can use different programs that searches for missing drivers and updates for drivers on your machine, advanced system care has have such a feature…

[1] Advanced SystemCare 16 Free: Top PC Cleaner & Optimizer for Windows

  • there are several sites out there that can search your machine for missing drivers or updates for your drivers:

[2] search for drivers - Google Zoeken


of course you always have to check the manufacturer site first…

Solved it! Broadcom (acer ethernet driver) installs in a strange way anyone got the same problem I’ll try to explain.

Ah, glad to hear that. :slight_smile:

By the way, as soon as Comodo Ghost goes final, you should maybe help your friend making a recovery image file of his HDD (just make sure the system is fairly clean and tidy when making the backup)! On the other hand I don’t know when CG actually goes final, so you might want to check some other program first. I’ve heard of DriveImage XML, but that’s another topic.

Thanks. He is a complete novice may give it a try but he’ll prob lose disc like he did original recovery disc. Ps Before i had to reinstall (windows severely wrecked) drweb is a fantastic tool for a machine that will boot but will not install any antimalware tools as it will. Several hacker & program shutdown trojans were removed.